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Jersey December 28 Public Holiday Update

Source: Jersey Evening Post (Jersey)
Posted: Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The president of Jersey's Chamber of Commerce, Ray Shead, has urged Jersey States' members to stop fiddling with the recently voted status of the upcoming Boxing Day public holiday.

Last month (2009-10-13), the Jersey States approved a proposition which will move this year's Boxing Day public holiday to December 28, in 2009.

However, soon afterwards, concerns arose that shop workers would only have one day off for Christmas and might have to work on both December 26 and 28.

As a result, there are now three Boxing Day propositions to be considered by the States. One bill would make December 26, 2009, a restricted trading day, like a Sunday, meaning that only convenience shops could open on that day. Another bill would go further and make it illegal for all shops, including convenience stores, to open. Finally, taking the idea to its logical conclusion, the third bill would make December 26, 2009, an additional bank holiday, meaning that both December 26 and 28, 2009, would be bank holidays (aka. non-working public holidays).

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