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Kuwait Confirms Moving Of Prophet's Ascension Public Holiday
(Posted on Thursday, July 9, 2009)

Source: Official website of Al Diwan Al Amiri (State of Kuwait)

Kuwait's Civil Service Commission has confirmed that, in accordance with Kuwaiti Cabinet decision number 252 of 2008, Thursday, July 23, 2009, rather than July 20, will be the public holiday marking Prophet Mohammed's ascension to heaven.

The moving of some of Kuwait's public holidays to adjoin the nearest Kuwait weekend, was re-confirmed in 2008 (26-Mar-2008) following an imbroglio related to the expected date for the Western New Year public holiday, earlier that year (26-Dec-2007).

As such, the Prophet's Ascension to Heaven has regularly been moved by a few days to the nearest weekend, in previous years (see, for example, 09-Jul-2008 and 04-Aug-2007).

The weekend in Kuwait changed from Thursday/Friday to Friday/Saturday, in 2007 (03-Jun-2007).

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