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Monaco Clarifies August 15 Public Holiday Status

Source: Bulletin Officiel de la Principauté (Monaco)
Posted: Monday, July 27, 2009
Most recent follow-up news item: December 4, 2009

The Government of Monaco has published the "Circulaire n° 2009-09 du 16 juillet 2009 relatif au samedi 15 août 2009 (Jour de l'Assomption), jour férié légal" which confirms that there will not be any day in lieu public holiday to compensate the fact that August 15 falls on a Saturday in 2009.

This confirms last year's official announcement of the official list of 2009 public holidays in Monaco (2008-11-14).

The communique does point out, though, that, as per the "circulaire de la Direction du Travail n° 79-93 du 13 novembre 1979" (Journal de Monaco of November 23, 1979), employees that are usually not working either the entire day or part of the day need to be paid for that day.

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