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Nicaragua Clarifies August 1 and 10 Public Holidays

Source: El Nuevo Diario (Managua)
Posted on Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nicaragua's Ministry of Labour (MITRAB) has issued a communique clarifying the geographical extent of the upcoming "feriados agostinos" (August 1 and 10), and the consequences of August 1st, 2009, falling on a Saturday.

The MITRAB communique confirms that the August 1 and 10 annual public holidays are limited, geographically, to the city of Managua (the capital of Nicaragua), rather than the similarly-named, much larger, region (Departamento de Managua).

The communique also confirms that these 2 municipal public holidays, as opposed to the nationwide public holidays of Nicaragua, are not compensated if they fall on a weekend.

The present clarification is an almost annual exercise (see, for example, 2008-07-30) but, as exceptions were made in the past (2007-08-01), rumours circulate every year at the end of July.

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