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Anguilla Set To Generalize March 2 As Public Holiday

Source: Caribbean Daily News (The Valley)
Posted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anguilla's recently elected Chief Minister, Hubert Hughes, has announced that the birthday of James Ronald Webster, on March 2nd, would henceforth be a full-fledged public holiday in Anguilla.

The March 2nd birthday of James Ronald Webster was set to become a new public holiday, beginning in 2008, but a last-minute motion in the legislature downgraded it to a school holiday only (2007-05-25).

Chief Minister Hughes' party, the AUM (Anguilla United Movement) had berated the outgoing government for only offering a school holiday in honour of the man called the "Father of the Nation".

As an interesting aside, today is a public holiday in Anguilla, as one of the first steps taken by Chief Minister Designate Hubert Hughes after his election, was to declare a post-election public holiday (2010-02-16).

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