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Bolivia Maintains Good Friday Public Holiday
(Posted on Tuesday, March 30, 2010)

Source: Agencia Boliviana de Información (La Paz)

Bolivia's Minister of Labour, Carmen Trujillo, has announced that Bolivia's Ministerio de Trabajo, and its cabinet, has decided to maintain Good Friday as an official public holiday in 2010.

This follows the general announcement (29-Jan-2010) by Bolivia's Minister of the Presidency, Óscar Coca, that Bolivia's cabinet had decided to maintain all traditional Catholic public holidays, followed last month by a specific confirmation of the Carnival public holidays (04-Feb-2010).

These case-by-case re-confirmations of religious public holidays have been deemed necessary ever since the new constitution was approved, pointedly stating that Bolivia would henceforth be a lay country ("país laico") followed by announcements by some high-level civil servants that the implementation of the recently approved new constitution (CPE) would probably mean that all the religious public holidays of Bolivia would eventually be replaced by non-religious ones (08-Apr-2009).

Leaving aside the religious aspect of the issue, simple economics would tell us that one existing public holiday should be canceled, as 2 new public holidays were declared in less than a year; the Indigenous New Year public holiday (18-Jun-2009) and the "Día de la Fundación del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia" public holiday (20-Jan-2010).

The public holiday that is generally expected to be axed is Corpus Christi. In fact a bill was presented in 2007 that would have exchanged the Corpus Christi public holiday for a newly created Indigenous People's New Year public holiday (06-Jun-2007 and 04-Jun-2007).

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