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Malaysia Confirms July 7 Public Holiday

Source: Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang (Penang)
Posted on Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Government of Malaysia's State of Penang has published the Gazette Notification No.809 which finally declares July 7th an annual state public holiday, starting in 2010, pursuant to section 9(1) of the Holidays Act 1951.

This "Pengisytiharaan Tapak Warisan Dunia Pulau Pinang" regional public holiday was announced last summer (2009-07-07), but there were doubts as to whether it would come to pass as the official list of Malaysian public holidays for 2010 did not mention it (2009-09-11).

Penang State Secretary, Datuk Zainal Rahim Seman, specified that this new state public holiday was not a "paid holiday" in accordance with Section 60D (1)(a) of the Employment Act.

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