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Paraguay Declares May 14 Regional Public Holiday

Source: Municipalidad de Ciudad del Este (Alto Paraná)
Posted: Thursday, May 13, 2010
Most recent follow-up news item: May 3, 2022

The Municipality of Ciudad del Este, published Resolución N° 6134/2010 which declares tomorrow, Friday, May 14, 2010, a departmental public holiday (asueto distrital) on account of this year's annual, May 15, Día de la Independencia public holiday, which falls on a Saturday, in 2010.

In this context, the Directorio del Banco Central del Paraguay (BCP), has announced that all banks and financial institutions in the Ciudad del Este would abide by the May 14 departmental public holiday, thus exempting local financial institutions from the BCP's resolución N° 17 del 22 de abril de 2010 and resolución 6 del 25 de marzo de 2004, which impose on banks to remain open on any day that is not a Sunday or an official national public holiday.

Ciudad del Este is the capital of Alto Paraná department of Paraguay, is Paraguay's second largest City and generates of over half the country's GDP. Other cities in the Alto Paraná department of Paraguay (such as Hernandarias and the city of Presidente Franco) have also indicated that they would follow Ciudad del Este's Resolución N° 6134/2010.

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