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Spain Adds New Regional Public Holiday

Source: El Correo (Vizcaya)
Posted: Friday, April 23, 2010
Updated: Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The parliament of Spain's Autonomous Region of País Vasco (Basque Country) has approved the declaration of October 25 as the "Día del País Vasco" (Euskadiko Eguna) to commemorate the anniversary date of the Statute of Gernika in 1979.

As the number of public holidays, that each of Spain's autonomous regions is allowed to declare, is capped, it was decided that the traditional observance of San José (March 19) would cease to be a regional public holiday in the País Vasco, effective in 2011.

The new, October 25, regional public holiday, will also begin being observed in 2011.

The official announcement should be contained in the list of 2011 public holidays for the País Vasco which, based on past practice (2009-03-27), should soon be published in the Departamento De Justicia, Empleo Y Seguridad Social in the Boletín Oficial del País Vasco (BOPV).

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