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Swaziland Announces Umhlanga Public Holiday

Source: Government of Swaziland Ministry of Home Affairs (Mbabane)
Posted on Thursday, August 12, 2010

Swaziland's Minister of Home Affairs, Chief Mgwagwa Gamedze, has announced that the date of the upcoming Umhlanga (aka. Reed Dance) public holiday had been declared in August.

The aforementioned announcement confirms the date that we had forecast (2010-01-11).

In his statement, Chief Gamedze added that his ministry was announcing the holiday "earlier" so that companies could make plans around it. This statement may seem odd for a public holiday announced barely a fortnight beforehand, but it is early when compared to last year, when the date of the Umhlanga public holiday was announced only 2 days before the event (2009-08-29).

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