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Tasmanian ANZAC Public Holiday Day In Lieu Update

Source: Tasmanian Government Media Release (Hobart)
Posted: Sunday, February 21, 2010
Most recent follow-up news item: July 22, 2014

The Minister for Workplace Relations for the Australian state of Tasmania, Lisa Singh, has issued a communique reiterating the Government's commitment to legislating for a substitute public holiday for ANZAC Day when it falls on a Sunday or on Easter Monday.

In January of last year (2009-01-15), the Council for the Australian Federation (CAF) finally announced the long-awaited agreement to harmonize the treatment of the ANZAC Day public holiday, across all Australian states and territories, when ANZAC Day falls on a Sunday.

However, the required legislation for this to happen in Tasmania, the "Statutory Holidays Amendment Bill 2009" (2009-04-18), was rejected by Tasmania's Legislative Council in October of last year (2009-10-18).

It is not clear when such new legislation will come back for a vote. In her communique, Minister Singh states that "the Labor Government will re-introduce the 2009 Bill at the first available opportunity", without committing to a specific date, although the 2 cases expressly considered by the bill (April 25 coinciding with a Sunday, or with Easter Monday) will occur in both 2010 and 2011.

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