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Brazilian Bill To Move Mid-Week Public Holidays

Source: Câmara dos Deputados (Brasilia)
Posted: Friday, September 16, 2011
Most recent follow-up news item: June 4, 2019

A bill has been introduced in Brazil's House of Representatives to deal with fixed-date public holidays that fall in the middle of the week.

The aforementioned Projeto de Lei 2257/11, introduced by representative Edmar Arruda would move to the next Monday any fixed-date public holiday that falls on a Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday. If 2 public holidays were to fall on the same date, only one non-working day off would be given.

As usual in this frequent type of legislation (2009-09-30, 2007-07-11, 2007-11-27, 2009-04-09 and 2009-05-06), the list of fixed-date public holidays covered by the aforementioned legislation would exclude January 1st (Confraternização Universal), September 7 (Independência), and December 25 (Natal).

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