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Canada Family Day Public Holiday In Nova Scotia

Source: The Nova Scotia Legislature (Halifax)
Posted on Thursday, April 21, 2011

A bill has been introduced, to the legislature of Canada's Province of Nova Scotia, which would create a new provincial non-working public holiday on the third Monday in February.

Apparently the new annual non-working public holiday would be named "Joseph Howe Day" and would be on the same date (and the same justification) as the Family Day public holiday long observed on the third Monday of February by the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and since 2008 by Ontario and Manitoba (2007-10-11 and 2007-09-26) and later by the Province of Prince Edward Island (2009-04-24).

Last year (2010-09-06), the Premier of Canada's Province of New Brunswick, Shawn Graham, had announced that his government, if re-elected, would declare a new annual provincial public holiday, Family Day, on the third Monday of February. Premier Graham was, however, not re-elected.

More recently (2011-02-03), Christy Clark, the front-runner for the leadership of the BC Liberal Party of Canada's Province of British Columbia, announced that she was in favor of adding a new annual February public holiday in British Columbia, if she becomes Premier.

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