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Italy Public Holidays Amendments Gazetted
(Posted on Friday, October 14, 2011)

Source: Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana (Rome)

The amended version of last summer's Decree Law 138 overhauling Italian non-working public holidays has finally been gazetted and thus become law.

Last summer (13-Aug-2011), the Italian Council of Ministers approved a package of austerity measures which include the moving of the date when non-religious national public holidays are observed as non-working days, and promptly issued the "Decreto-Legge 13 agosto 2011, n. 138 (Ulteriori misure urgenti per la stabilizzazione finanziaria e per lo sviluppo)", to officialize it (17-Aug-2011).

However, the following month (05-Sep-2011), the Italian Government finally announced that it would accept the recent amendment by the Italian Senate to the recent Decreto-Legge 13 agosto 2011, n. 138 and abandon its plan to move non-religious public holidays to the next Sunday.

Thus, the aforementioned Legge 14 settembre 2011, n. 148 ("Conversione in legge, con modificazioni, del decreto-legge 13 agosto 2011, n. 138") which was recently published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale (n. 216 del 16 settembre), has been stripped of most of its bite.

In fact the only remaining change affecting non-working days in Italy, beginning in 2012, is the specification that the "patron saint" municipal non-working public holidays (festivitΰ del Santo Patrono) must now always be set to either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, to avoid the building of "bridge" weekends by Italian employees.

The annual occurrence of these municipal patron saint public holidays will now be set by decree every year, no later than November 30 of the previous year. The only exception to the above is the Feast of Saints Paul and Peter, the patron saint of Rome, which will remain fixed as a non-working public holiday on June 19, as it was established by Presidential Decree No. 702/85 and is thus outside of the competence of the Council of Ministers.

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