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Kazakhstan 2011 Public Holidays Announced
(Posted on Friday, January 14, 2011)

Source: Electronic government of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Astana)

The government of Kazakhstan has published the list of "Holidays and weekends in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2011".

The aforementioned announcement confirms the days in lieu public holidays that will be declared in 2011 to compensate annual public holidays that fall on a weekend, including the tricky cases of 2-day public holidays, such as Western New Year, and the Independence Day public holidays.

The announcement also specifies the date of Sunday, November 6, 2011, as the date of the Kurban-Eid (Feast of Sacrifice) public holiday. As per custom, in Kazakhstan, Muslim public holidays falling on a weekend do not give rise to a day in lieu public holiday.

Finally, for the first time, the official online Kazakhstan government website is no longer listing the October 25 public holiday which was canceled 2 years ago (25-Apr-2009 and 04-Mar-2009), but still appeared on all official government web pages until this week.

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