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Madagascar 2011 Public Holidays Announced

Source: Filankevitry ny Governemanta (Mahazoarivo)
Posted: Saturday, January 15, 2011
Most recent follow-up news item: January 6, 2022

Madagascar's Conseil de Gouvernement has issued the Decree N°2011-012 ("Décret fixant la liste des jours fériés, chômés et payés au titre de l'année 2011") which officially declares the list of public holidays in Madagascar for the calendar year 2011.

As per custom (2010-01-20, 2009-01-13 and 2008-01-16), the aforementioned list of 2011 Madagascar public holidays, is based upon the recommendation of Madagascar's Ministère de la Fonction publique, du Travail et des Lois sociales.

December 11, which falls on a Sunday this year, and which was declared at the end of last year (2010-12-10) as a one-off, public holiday, has now been officialized as an annual non-working public holiday (journée fériée, chômée et payée) to commemorate the anniversary of the fourth republic (jour d'anniversaire de la promulgation de la Quatrième République).

According to the text of decree, Easter Sunday and Whitsunday now become full-fledged public holidays.

Note that the decree specifying the official public holidays in Madagascar for the calendar year 2011 does not mention the expected March 16 public holiday, due to the upcoming parliamentary elections (2010-12-20) having recently been postponed (2011-01-10). Although the present decree does not contain it, previous decrees have always contained the mention that "sont déclarées également fériées, chômées et payées les journées auxquelles se tiendront des élections" (the dates of elections shall also be public holidays).

For the second year in a row, the list of Madagascar official public holidays does not include, or even refer to, any one-off bridge public holiday, contrary to what was done in the 3 preceding years (2009-01-13, 2008-01-16 and 2007-01-09).

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