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New Zealand Public Holidays Shake-Up If Labour Wins

Source: New Zealand Labour Party Communique (Wellington)
Posted: Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Most recent follow-up news item: February 4, 2021

New Zealand's Labour Party leader, Phil Goff, has announced that, if his party wins the upcoming general elections, it would amend the NZ Holidays Act to Mondayize all public holidays when they fall on a weekend.

Concretely, the aforementioned promise is a re-statement of Phil Goff's promise, last January (2011-01-28), that his party would introduce a bill to ensure that if the Waitangi Day and Anzac Day public holidays fall on either a Saturday or Sunday, then the following Monday would be a public holiday, as there are the only 2 New Zealand public holidays that do not either always fall on a Monday or get an automatic day in lieu public holiday on the following Monday.

The current government, however, is opposed to the idea, and late last year (2010-11-07), New Zealand's Labour Ministry had announced that it was "extremely unlikely" that the government would declare an additional public holiday to compensate the overlap of Easter Monday and ANZAC Day in 2011, and Prime Minister John Key has ruled out Mondayizing Waitangi Day and Anzac Day, saying that both days should be celebrated on the date they commemorated.

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