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Portugal Carnival Public Holiday 2013

Source: Agência Efe (Lisboa)
Posted: Sunday, February 26, 2012

Portugal's Deputy Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Miguel Relvas, has announced that, in 2013, there would be no tolerância de ponto for public sector employees to take a non-working public holiday for the optional but widespread Shrove Tuesday Carnival.

As per the transcript of an interview on TVI24, the Deputy Minister is quoted as saying that, of course, this year's decision to cancel the Carnival tolerância de ponto for public sector employees would be repeated next year ("Naturalmente que a decisão deste ano no próximo ano se repetirá"). This, despite the fact that this year's recent Carnival, though also canceled, was observed as a non-working public holiday in most administrations.

In related matters, there are no news as to the effective date for the cancellation of 4 public holidays that the government of Portugal has decided upon (2012-01-18 and 2011-12-01).

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