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Ugandan Teachers Day Public Holiday Stalled

Source: The Observer (Kampala)
Posted: Sunday, July 15, 2012

The General Secretary of the Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU), Teopista Birungi Mayanja, has called on the government of Uganda to consider "fulfilling its promise of gazetting October 5, which is the World Teachers' Day, as a public holiday in Uganda".

In the aforementioned interview of UNATU's General Secretary, she states that "In 2010, President Museveni promised to designate it as a public holiday. There has been an exchange of letters between the President's Office and the ministry of Public Service, but nothing has materialised.".

In fact the promise to make Teachers' Day, on October 5, an annual non-working public holiday in Uganda was made, once again, at the beginning of the current year (2012-01-31), to soothe bruised feelings of UNATU, following the previous fall's (2011-10-04) memo by Uganda's Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Education and Sports reminding Uganda's teachers that, International Teachers' Day, on October 5th, was not a non-working public holiday in Uganda.

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