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Timor Leste Public Holiday November 29

Source: Press Release Government Of Timor-Leste (Dili)
Posted on Monday, November 25, 2013

The government of Timor Leste has announced that it had once again decided to declare an additional day-off public sector holiday ("Toleránsia Pontu iha loron 29 fulan-Novembru tinan 2013") on the day after the annual non-working Timor Leste Independence Day public holiday of November 28.

As per the aforementioned announcement, "Taking into account that the celebration ceremony of the Proclamation of Independence of Timor-Leste will, this year, take place in Kraras, district of Viqueque, the Government has decided to concede a day-off on Friday, November 29th", and this one-off public sector holiday is granted "in order to allow citizens to participate in the event" ("Governu Konstitusionál V Repúblika Demokrátika Timor-Leste deside ona atu fó toleránsia pontu iha loron 29 fulan-Novembru tinan 2013, durante loron-tomak, ba funsionáriu no ajente hosi Ministériu ka servisu dependente sira, nomós ba institutu no organizmu sira ne'ebé integra iha administrasaun indireta Estadu nian").

On the occasion of last year's (2012-11-26) November 28 annual Independence Day public holiday, the government of Timor Leste had declared 2 additional full-day public sector holidays ("Toleránsia Pontu iha oras loro-kraik nian") on Tuesday and Thursday, November 27 and 29, 2012.

As usual (2013-01-03, 2013-03-25, 2013-02-11, 2012-11-26, 2012-10-29, 2012-07-07, 2012-07-03 and 2012-04-04), the Secretariat of State of the Council of Ministers of Timor Leste, states that the aforementioned decision is based on law No.10/2005, which overhauled Timor Leste's public holidays (2005-08-12), and which includes an annual, Proclamation of Independence Day, non-working public holiday, observed by both the private and public sectors of Timor Leste.

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