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Slovakia Maintains Public Holidays List

Source: Ministerstvo zahranicných vecí Slovenskej republiky (Bratislava)
Posted on Monday, September 22, 2014

On the occasion of today's "Day of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows" annual non-working public holiday in Slovakia, a spokesperson for the ruling SMER-SD party, Lubica Koncalová, was quoted as stating that the recent attempts at reducing the number of annual non-working public holidays in Slovakia had been shelved for the foreseeable future due to the unlikeliness of reaching a broad consensus on the issue with the current opposition parties.

Earlier this month (2014-09-03), at the ceremonies commemorating Slovakia's Constitution Day, Slovakia's President, Andrej Kiska, had made remarks which strongly re-asserted September 1st as a founding date of the Republic of Slovakia, and thus seemed to rule-out the cancellation of that annual non-working public holiday in Slovakia, as had been proposed in the past.

A few years ago (2011-09-04), the Chairman and Speaker of Slovakia's Parliament, Richard Sulik, had stated that the annual, September 1st, Constitution Day non-working public holiday was superfluous and should be canceled, or at least made into a regular working day. Speaker Sulik argued then that Slovakia already celebrates its independence with an annual non-working public holiday on January 1st and that the September 1st Constitution Day non-working public holiday is not "the most important holiday".

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