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El Salvador May 22-23 Public Holidays Update 2

Source: Presidencia de la República de El Salvador (San Salvador)
Posted on Friday, May 15, 2015

Details of the draft decree, submitted to the National Assembly earlier this week by the Minister of the Interior of El Salvador, Aristides Valencia, have been released, with a clarification of the extent of the May 22 proposed one-off public holiday in El Salvador, and an extension of the scope of the May 23 proposed one-off public holiday in El Salvador.

Last week (2015-05-10), the spokesperson for the President of El Salvador (Secretario de Comunicaciones de la Presidencia), Eugenio Chicas, had announced that the decision as to whether to declare May 22-23, 2015, as one-off non-working public holidays in El Salvador, would be made, once the National Assembly was back in session. Initial comments from members of El Salvador's newly installed legislature (2015-05-13), tended to indicate widespread support for the proposed declaration of May 22-23, 2015, as one-off non-working public holidays in El Salvador, on account of the upcoming beatification of Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero.

Originally (2015-05-13), the contemplated May 22-23 one-off non-working public holidays in El Salvador, which would apply to both the private and public sector, were announced to be observed only in the greater San Salvador metro area (the Área Metropolitana de San Salvador, aka. AMSS). However, the text of the final draft decree, while limiting the May 22 public holiday to 14 of the 19 municipalities of San Salvador (San Salvador, Soyapango, Mejicanos, Apopa, Santa Tecla, Ciudad Delgado, Ilopango, Tonacatepeque, San Martín, Cuscatancingo, San Marcos, Ayutuxtepeque, Antiguo Cuscatlán, and Nejapa), does state that the May 23 public holiday would apply to all of El Salvador, at the national level.

Recall that, five years ago (2010-03-26), El Salvador's Legislative Assembly had declared March 24 as Monsignor Romero National Day, a commemorative holiday, to mark the anniversary of the 1980 assassination of liberation theologian, Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero.

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