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Argentina Mulls June 17 Public Holiday

Source: Boletín Oficial de la República Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Posted: Thursday, May 19, 2016
Most recent follow-up news item: June 10, 2016

The Committee on Constitutional Affairs of Argentina's Senate has approved a bill which would declare a new annual non-working public holiday in Argentina on June 17, to commemorate General Martín Miguel de Güemes ("conmemoración al paso a la inmortalidad del general Don Martin de Güemes").

Despite many attempts, some successful, some not, to add one-off non-working public holidays to the list of official non-working public holidays in Argentina in recent years (2010-05-04, 2011-12-23, 2012-09-11, 2013-01-15, 2013-01-09), the last time any annual non-working public holidays were added or their rule changed was almost 6 years ago (2010-11-03 and 2010-09-13), when Argentina's then President, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, signed a decree, published in the Boletín Oficial (Número 32.020, Año CXVIII), implementing a comprehensive public holidays revision.

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