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Honduras Public Sector Holidays March 21-27

Source: La Prensa Libre (Tegucigalpa)
Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Most recent follow-up news item: February 18, 2021

The President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, has once again approved the declaration of the entire upcoming Holy Week (March 21-27, 2016) as additional non-working public holidays for Honduras' public sector employees.

The aforementioned announcement ("autoriza el asueto de toda la Semana Santa a los empleados públicos"), was contained in a communique released by the Honduran "Secretaría de Derechos Humanos, Justicia, Gobernación y Descentralización".

The annual Easter public holidays have often been extended for Honduras' public sector, to last for the entire full Holy Week (2015-03-21, 2012-03-14, 2011-04-12, 2010-03-10, 2009-04-03, 2008-03-15, 2007-03-28, and 2006-04-04) as is also often done in neighboring Nicaragua (2016-03-15, 2014-04-07, 2013-03-05, 2012-03-24, 2011-04-08, 2010-03-17, 2009-03-20, and 2008-03-10) and, to a lesser extent, Costa Rica (2010-03-11 and 2009-03-19).

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