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Paraguay Public Sector Holiday March 23

Source: Presidencia de la República del Paraguay (Asunción)
Posted: Friday, March 18, 2016
Most recent follow-up news item: April 3, 2020

Paraguay's President, Horacio Cartes, has once again decreed a non-working public sector holiday for Ash Wednesday, Wednesday, March 23, 2016, to let Paraguayan civil servants begin their Holy Week non-working public holidays earlier.

As per the aforementioned Decreto Nº 5056, Paraguay's public servants will be off the entire day of Wednesday, March 23, 2016 ("declaró asueto el día 23 de marzo, Míercoles Santo, para la Administración Pública y Entidades Descentralizadas").

Holy Wednesday has often been declared a public sector holiday in Paraguay in the past, most commonly for Holy Wednesday (2015-03-20, 2014-04-11, 2013-03-16, 2012-04-03, 2011-04-18, 2010-03-30 and 2009-04-06), and for the year-end (2014-12-22, 2012-12-07, 2011-12-19, 2010-12-23 and 2009-12-23), though often, under former President Fernando Lugo, only for the afternoon, and very often these afternoon public holidays were declared at the last moment.

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