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South Korean Mulls Happy Monday Public Holidays

Source: Yonhap News Agency (Seoul)
Posted on Saturday, July 9, 2016

The South Korean Government is considering moving some of the fixed-date non-working public holidays of South Korea so that they always occur on a Monday.

The "Substitute Holiday Bill", passed 3 years ago (2013-05-03), automatically declares a one-off day in lieu non-working public holiday in South Korea on the Mondays which follow an annual non-working public holiday falling on a Sunday, including the multi-day Seol-nal and Chuseok lunar Soth Korean public holidays (2014-08-28), but these changes are initially limited to the South Korean public sector, and do not provide for a day in lieu for public holidays that fall on a Saturday, even though Saturdays are officially non-working days since July 2005 in South Korea (2005-06-21).

Almost 20 years ago, neighboring Japan had, progressively (2001-06-22, 1998-10-23, and 1998-04-26), enacted 2 bills, nicknamed the "Happy Mondays Laws", that eventually moved 4 of the annual Japanese public holidays from their fixed date to a floating system whereby they always occur on a Monday.

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