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Argentina 2018-2019 Public Holidays Amended

Source: Boletín Oficial de la República Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Posted: Friday, November 10, 2017
Most recent follow-up news item: November 13, 2021

With scant hours left before the deadline for the declaration of 2018 bridge public holidays in Argentina, the government of Argentina has published the decreto 923/2017 which declares 3 bridge public holidays in 2018 and 3 bridge public holidays in 2019 (días no laborables con fines turísticos).

The aforementioned declaration of 3 bridge public holidays in 2018 and 3 bridge public holidays in 2019, follows the recent promulgation of the law 27.399 (2017-10-18, 2017-09-29 and 2017-09-13), which reinstates the feriados puente whereby the executive will have the ability to declare one-off bridge public holidays in Argentina, up to a maximum of 3 per year ("Faculta al Poder Ejecutivo a fijar hasta tres por año, aunque no será obligación").

The aforementioned "feriados con fines turísticos" were established in a 2010 decree, published in the "Decreto 1585/2010, Establécense días feriados con fines turísticos" (Boletín Oficial, Número 32.020, Año CXVIII), implementing a major public holidays revision (2010-11-03) and instituting the principle of 2 annual bridge public holidays ("en los casos en que los feriados nacionales coincidan con los días martes o jueves, a fijar 2 feriados por año que deberán coincidir con los días lunes o viernes inmediatos respectivos").

As he had promised during his run for office, earlier this year, President Mauricio Macri eliminated one-off bridge public holidays in Argentina (2016-10-30), first by sending to Congress a legislative proposal to end the process of declaring one-off non-working public holidays in Argentina (2016-12-02), and then, faced with legislative delays (2017-01-23 and 2017-01-19), by issuing the Decreto de Necesidad y Urgencia (DNU 52/2017).

As these días no laborables con fines turísticos must be announced at least 50 days before the beginning of the year in question ("debiendo establecer los mismos por períodos trianuales con una antelación de 50 días a la finalización del año calendario"), today was the last day to declare any such one-off public holidays for the calendar year 2018 in Argentina.

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