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Schleswig-Holstein Mulls Public Holiday

Source: Lübecker Nachrichten (Lübeck)
Posted: Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Most recent follow-up news item: June 14, 2018

The Minister of Economics (Ministerpräsident) of Germany's state of Schleswig-Holstein, Reinhard Meyer, has announced that he was in favour of adding Reformation Day as a new annual non-working public holiday in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, after the 2017 exception whereby October 31, 2017, was declared a one-off national non-working public holiday in Germany.

Recall that the German State of Schleswig-Holstein, was the first state, out-of-the-gate (2012-11-04), deciding to declare Reformation Day, on October 31, 2017, as a one-off public holiday, followed by a couple of years of piecemeal declaration of October 31, 2017, as a one-off public holiday, by each German Land (2015-10-08, 2014-09-16, 2013-12-12, 2013-08-13, 2013-06-04, 2013-05-17, 2013-05-15, 2013-05-01, 2013-03-14, 2013-03-08, 2013-01-25, 2013-01-10, 2012-12-13).

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