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Angola Mulls Public Holidays Legislation Amendments

Source: Jornal de Angola (Luanda)
Posted on Saturday, June 9, 2018

Angolan MEPs are working on a draft bill, the Lei de Alteração à Lei dos Feriados Nacionais, Locais e Datas de Celebração Nacional, which would amend the current public holidays legislation of Angola by adding 2 new annual non-working public holidays in Angola and adding some bridge holiday provisions for fixed-date Angolan public holidays falling on a Tuesday or Thursday.

The current public holidays legislation of Angola is the "Ley de los Feriados Nacionales y Locales" which revised the legislation on public holidays in Angola, almost a decade ago (2011-02-15, 2011-01-20 and 2010-12-16). At that time the preceding changes to the public holidays legislation of Angola dated from 2003 (2003-03-24) and before that from 1996 (1996-09-30).

The aforementioned changes to the current Angolan legislation on public holidays is scheduled for a vote on June 21, 2018, at the same time as a new legislative package on the Angolan Armed Forces.

The bill, in its current form, would stop the practice of declaring a day in lieu public holiday on the Monday which follows a fixed date public holiday which falls on a Sunday.

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