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Azerbaijani 2019 Public Holidays Completed

Source: Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers (Baku)
Posted on Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Labor and Social Protection Ministry of Azerbaijan has approved the list of non-working 2019 public holidays in Azerbaijan, including Muslim Azeri public holidays, and day in lieu public holidays due to some of Azerbaijan's 2019 annual non-working public holidays falling on a weekend or on the same date as another of Azerbaijan's public holidays.

Today's announcement of the 2019 public holidays in Azerbaijan, as opposed to last year's (2017-12-21 and 2017-12-08), was not preceded by a first partial list was declared which did not yet cover the full calendar year 2019 and does specify day in lieu public holidays, as was the case for the past few years (2016-12-01, 2015-12-25 and 2014-11-25).

In years before (2013-12-17, 2012-12-18, 2011-12-09, 2010-12-03, 2009-11-27 and 2008-12-14), the annual Novruz, Ramadan and Qurban non-working public holidays of Azerbaijan were usually declared in a later announcement (2013-10-07, 2013-08-03, 2013-02-14, 2012-08-07, 2012-02-21, 2011-06-02, 2011-05-03, 2011-02-23, 2010-02-16 and 2009-10-29), based on the current labour law of Azerbaijan as it relates to the list of official non-working public holidays (2005-12-30).

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