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Sint Maarten November 2018 Public Holidays Clarified

Source: Government of Sint Maarten (Great Bay)
Posted: Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Prime Minister of Sint Maarten, Leona Romeo Marlin, has issued a clarification as to the possible declaration of Monday, November 12, 2018, as a non-working public holiday in Sint Maarten, due to Sint Maarten Day, on November 11, falling on a Sunday in 2018.

The Prime Minister's statement ("I also take this opportunity to clarify that Sint Maarten Day is not a National holiday, thus Monday November 12th will be a regular working day") restated the rules concerning various public holidays of Sint Maarten when they fall on a weekend (2016-12-28), and in particular as they apply to 2017-2018 public holidays in Sint Maarten as were announced a couple of years ago (2016-12-22), based on the "National Ordinance regulating Work, Working Hours and Overtime” (Arbeidsregeling).

Additionally, the Prime Ministerof Sint Maarten announced, after yesterday's Council of Ministers, that the government of Sint Maarten had decided to declare Monday, December 24, and Monday, December, December 31, 2018, as one-off non-working public sector holidays in Sint Maarten.

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