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Tasmania Mulls Public Holidays Extensions

Source: Tasmanian Government Media Releases (Hobart)
Posted: Monday, August 12, 2019
Most recent follow-up news item: October 8, 2020

The Labor Party of Australia's state of Tasmania, at their upcoming party conference, in Burnie, will consider a motion from the Shop Assistants' Union, to amend the Tasmanian Statutory Holidays Act so that Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve be treated as non-working public holidays in Australia's state of Tasmania.

Apparently, the upcoming review of non-working public holidays in Australia's state of Tasmania will also consider making Easter Tuesday a public holiday for the private sector (it is currently limited to the public sector and the banking sector of Tasmania).

Any changes decided upon at the upcoming Labor Party conference in Burnie would probably only amend Tasmanian public holidays beginning in 2021 (2019-06-21) and would leave 2020 public holidays in Tasmania unchanged (2017-12-09), as specified under the terms of the press release, entitled "Clarification on Tasmanian Public Holidays" (2011-04-24), which re-stated the terms of the Statutory Holidays Amendment Bill 2010, passed by both houses of the Parliament of Australia's State of Tasmania, the previous fall (2010-11-26), thus amending the previous Statutory Holidays Act 2000.

The declaration of Easter-related holidays has been a trend in recent years in Australia (2019-06-25, 2018-08-19, 2016-12-18, 2016-12-02, 2016-11-25, 2016-08-31, 2015-11-17) as has been the declaration of evening-only holidays (2019-08-05, 2018-07-08).

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