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Timor Leste 2019-2020 Year-End Public Holidays

Source: Press Release Government Of Timor-Leste (Dili)
Posted: Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Most recent follow-up news item: January 17, 2022

The government of Timor Leste has issued an announcement of the declaration of 4 additional year-end public sector holidays, on December 24, 26 and 30, 2019, as well as January 2, 2020.

Last year, the government of Timor Leste had made a similar declaration of additional year-end public sector holidays, but only for 3 additional one-off public holidays (2018-12-19), and the year before in 2 separate announcements (2017-12-29 and 2017-12-20).

As usual (2019-10-29, 2019-09-18, 2019-08-16, 2019-04-15, 2019-03-04, 2017-12-20, 2017-11-22, 2008-11-19, 2017-10-30, 2017-07-18, 2017-04-10, 2017-03-14, 2017-02-23, 2016-12-21, 2016-10-29, 2016-03-21, 2016-02-09, 2014-12-22, 2013-12-13, 2012-12-20, 2012-11-26, 2012-10-29, 2012-07-07, 2012-07-03 and 2012-04-04), the Secretariat of State of the Council of Ministers of Timor Leste, states that the aforementioned decision is based on law No.10/2005, which overhauled Timor Leste's public holidays (2005-08-12).

The announcement also contains the usual justifications "Christmas is one of the solemnities that is of the utmost importance in the Christian community, in which the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated, with a Christmas Mass." and "Considering that Christmas is still associated with a family celebration, traditionally devoted to the gathering of all its members." and "Considering that New Year's Day, a day of thanks for the year that has passed and of welcome to the coming year, it is also marked with festivities and religious ceremonies."

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