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China 2021 Public Holidays Released

Source: Government Portal of the State Council of China (Beijing)
Posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Most recent follow-up news item: October 25, 2021

The General Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China has issued a notice on the 2021 non-working public holidays and postponement of working days in 2021 in China (国务院办公厅关于2021年部分节假日安排的通知).

The aforementioned announcement of the 2021 non-working public holidays in China (经国务院批准,现将2021年元旦、春节、清明节、劳动节、端午节、中秋节和国庆节放假调休日期的具体安排通知如下), after a 2 year hiatus when they were announced by the Chancellery (2019-11-21 and 2019-03-22), once again comes from the General Office of the State Council, and comes earlier than in some past years (2016-12-02, 2015-12-11, 2014-12-16, 2013-12-11, 2012-12-11, 2011-12-07, 2010-12-11, 2009-12-08, 2008-12-10, 2007-12-17, 2006-12-14), except for the past 3 years (2019-11-21, 2017-12-01 and 2017-11-08).

As usual, the list of 2021 public holidays in China, extends the Spring Festival (春节, aka. Chinese New Year) from Lunar New Year's Eve to day 6 of the first lunar month, as was implemented beginning with the 2015 China public holidays (2014-12-16), after a series of online polls (2013-12-11, 2013-11-27 and 2013-10-12) led the Chinese government to change the start of the Spring Festival Golden Week from Lunar New Year Day to Lunar New Year Eve.

Also, after a few years when the starting ad ending dates of the National Day public holidays (国庆节) were tweaked to match weekends (2006-12-18, 2005-12-22, 2004-12-20, 2003-12-19), the 2021 National Day public holidays of China will once again run from October 1 to October 7, without any consideration as to the weekday on which October 1st falls (10月1日至7日放假调休,共7天), with the additional 2 days of public holidays being compensated by declaring some neighboring weekends days as regular working days (9月26日(星期日)、10月9日(星期六)上班).

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