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Victoria Officially Moves AFL Public Holiday

Source: State Government of Victoria (Melbourne)
Posted: Saturday, May 23, 2020
Most recent follow-up news item: September 2, 2020

The Government of Australia's State of Victoria has issued an official modified list of 2020 public holidays, with the previously-announced date for the 2020 Friday before the AFL Grand Final public holiday being replaced by the mention TBD and a footnote confirming earlier media reports ("The Friday before Grand Final public holiday is based on the AFL playing schedule which may be altered due to the response to COVID-19").

The State Government of Australia's State of Victoria had officially announced the 2020 date for the "Friday before the AFL Grand Final" annual non-working public holiday observed in Australia's State of Victoria, late last year (2019-11-09), and, initially, the State's Treasurer, Tim Pallas, had announced that the public holiday would remain on September 25, 2020, despite the grand final likely taking place in October ("I imagine the Premier’s already spoken to this and I believe he mentioned that it’s going to stay on the date that has already been set. We determine it will simply be too complicated for individuals, we don’t even know what the revised grand remaining date is perhaps. Folks most likely do must have some readability and certainty about when that’s coming. It’ll stay on the date that’s has at all times been set.").

But, soon afterward, the Government corrected that announcement, in line with today's official listing (2020-05-15).

The "Friday before the AFL Grand Final" Victorian public holiday originated almost a decade ago (2011-07-17), when then leader of the opposition, Daniel Andrews, announced an extra public holiday to celebrate AFL Grand Final week, if he became premier (2014-12-01 and 2015-07-08).

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