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Azerbaijan 2022 Public Holidays Announced

Source: Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers (Baku)
Posted: Friday, December 17, 2021

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan has released the list of non-working 2022 public holidays in Azerbaijan, including Muslim Azeri public holidays, and day in lieu public holidays due to some of Azerbaijan's 2022 public holidays falling on a weekend.

The announcement of the 2022 public holidays in Azerbaijan, follows the recent trend by the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan of declaring the full list of public holidays for a given calendar year, before the beginning of that calendar year (2020-12-18, 2019-12-17, 2018-12-27, 2017-12-21, 2016-12-01, 2015-12-25 and 2014-11-25).

In years before (2013-12-17, 2012-12-18, 2011-12-09, 2010-12-03, 2009-11-27 and 2008-12-14), the annual Novruz, Ramadan and Qurban non-working public holidays of Azerbaijan were usually declared in a later announcement (2013-10-07, 2013-08-03, 2013-02-14, 2012-08-07, 2012-02-21, 2011-06-02, 2011-05-03, 2011-02-23, 2010-02-16 and 2009-10-29).

Recall that, since 2021, there is an additional annual public holiday in Azerbaijan, день Победы Азербайджана, on November 8, commemorating the day when Azerbaijani troops captured the city of Shusha (2020-12-11, 2020-12-03 and 2020-12-02).

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