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Latvian 2021 Public Holidays Confirmed

Source: The Welfare Ministry of the Government of Latvia (Riga)
Posted: Monday, February 15, 2021

Latvia's State Labor Inspectorate has confirmed that 3 one-off bridge public holidays would be added to the annual list of 2021 public holidays in Latvia.

Last spring, Latvia's Ministry of Welfare released draft rules "On the transfer of working days in 2021" annual official list of official non-working national public holidays in Latvia, and bridge non-working public holidays in Latvia, for the then upcoming calendar year 2021 (2020-05-28), and this draft was approved, unchanged, at a cabinet meeting, a couple of weeks later (2020-06-12).

The consequence of the declaration of 2021 bridge public holidays in Latvia is that there will be extended public holidays from May 1-4, June 23-27, and November 18-21, with 3 Saturdays being declared as regular working days; May 8, June 19, and November 13, 2021.

For years, the Latvian government pursued the practice of declaring additional, one-off, bridge public holidays that are compensated by the same number of Saturdays being declared as regular working days (2014-11-15, 2013-10-25, 2013-01-16, 2012-01-04, 2010-01-08, 2009-05-21 and 2007-04-13).

The declaration of one-off bridge public holidays was stopped for a few times (2015-12-05, 2012-01-04 and 2011-01-05), but is now back as a staple of the annual list of Latvian public holidays (2020-05-28, 2019-05-10, 2018-12-17, 2017-12-14, 2017-02-26 and 2016-06-14).

A 2020 survey by the Latvian Ministry of the Economy, in which over 23000 people took part (about 2 percent of the work force), showed a support of almost 95 percent for the declaration of bridge holiday, compensated by working Saturdays.

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