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Malawi Confirms January 15 Chilembwe Public Holiday

Source: Government of the Republic of Malawi (Lilongwe)
Posted: Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Cabinet Secretary of the Office of President of Malawi, Zangazanga Chikhosi, has announced that, despite the government cancelling this year’s John Chilembwe Memorial Service, January 15 would remain a public holiday in Malawi ("This notwithstanding, Friday 15th January 2021 remains a public holiday in Malawi").

A cancellation of the upcoming January 15, Chilembwe Day, public holiday would have amended the list of official 2021 public holidays in Malawi, as announced on a yearly basis (2019-12-21, 2019-03-13, 2017-12-18, 2016-12-05, 2015-12-03 and 2014-11-29).

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