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Pakistan Extends OIC Summit Public Holidays To December 18-20

Source: Pakistan's Ministry of Interior (Islamabad)
Posted: Friday, December 17, 2021

Pakistan's federal government has extended the previously-announced OIC public holiday in Islamabad on Monday, December 20, 2021, to include December 18 and 19, 2021.

A public holiday on Monday, December 20, 2021, had been declared yesterday, by Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Islamabad, for the security of the various delegations to the 17th Extra-Ordinary OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) Session, who will be departing to return to their country on that date (2021-12-16).

The declaration of public holidays in Islamabad on December 18-20, 2021, is not in conflict with the list of 2021 public holidays in Pakistan, previously announced in the "expected dates for public and optional holidays for the calendar year 2021" published by the Government of Pakistan, late last year (2020-12-10), as that list does not cover regional or municipal public holidays, which occur somewhat regularly in Pakistan's capital, Islamabad (2021-03-22, 2019-02-16, 2013-08-20, 2012-11-21 and 2010-12-17).

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