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South Australian 2021 Public Holidays Amended

Source: Government of South Australia SafeWork SA (Adelaide)
Posted: Friday, April 16, 2021

The Government of the Australian State of South Australia has released an amended version of its list of 2021 public holidays in the Australian State of South Australia, taking into account recent changes to the South Australian public holidays legislation as regards Christmas Eve and days in lieu when Christmas Day falls on a Sunday.

The initial list of official non-working public holidays in the Australian State of South Australia for the calendar year 2021 was announced a couple of years ago (2019-01-06).

Since then the 2022 (2020-01-14) and 2023 (2021-01-04) South Australian public holidays had been announced, including the discussed changes to Christmas holidays, but without amending the 2021 list of public holidays.

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