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Tripura 2022 Public Holidays Announced

Source: Government of Tripura (Agartala)
Posted: Thursday, December 2, 2021

The Government of India's State of Tripura has released its list of the days which will be non-working public holidays in Tripura for the upcoming calendar year 2022 in the Government Notification No.F.17(1)-GA(SA)/2021/9127 ("The Governor, Tripura is pleased to notify that all the Government Offices and all Revenue and Executive Magistrates Courts under the Government of Tripura, will remain closed on the following day during the year-2022.").

The aforementioned notification of the 2022 public holidays in India's state of Tripura, as contained in the Government Notification No.F.17(1)-GA(SA)/2021/9127, is this time signed by D. Roy, the Under Secretary to the Government of Tripura, instead of S.K. Debbarma as in past years (2020-11-07 and 2019-11-08).

As usual, it contains a list of the traditional public holidays of Tripura which, in 2022, which fall either on a Sunday, or the second or fourth Saturday of the month ("In lhe year 2022, lhe following festivals/occasions viz. Netaji's Birthday (23rd January), ld-UI-Zuha (Bakrid) (10th July), Mahalaya (25th September), Maha Saptami/ Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday (2nd October), Lakshmi Puja (9th October), Birthday of Prophet Mohammad (9th October) and Christmas Day (25th December) fall on Sunday. As such, these days have not been included in the list of holiday.").

The list of 2022 restricted holidays in Tripura ("The Governor, Tripura is pleased to append list of Restricted Holidays as under. The Government employees may be allowed to avail him/her of any four holidays chosen by him/her out of the list of Restricted Holidays during the year 2022.") also comes with a footnote listing the traditionally declared restricted public holidays of Tripura which fall either on a Sunday, or the same date as another holiday, during the upcoming calendar year ("In the year 2022, the following festivals/occasions viz. May Day (1st May) and Jamaisasthi (5 June) fall on Sunday and the Biju festival and Mahavir Jayanti fall on same day and the Biju festival (14th April) is already included in the list of Government holidays. As such, these days have not been included in the list of restricted holiday.").

The Government Notification No.F.17(1)-GA(SA)/2021/9127 comes with a separate list of factories holidays in the Indian State of Tripura in 2022, the Government Notification No.F.17(1)-GA(SA)/2021/9129, as well as a list of 2022 bank holidays in the state of Tripura, the Government Notification No.F.17(1)-GA(SA)/2021/9128.

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