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Ghana 2022 Public Holidays Announced

Source: Ghana Government Portal (Accra)
Posted: Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Most recent follow-up news item: April 25, 2022

The Ministry of Interior of Ghana's government has published the list of official non-working lay and religious non-working public holidays in Ghana for the calendar year 2022 ("Statutory Public Holidays And Commemorative Days In The Republic Of Ghana For The Year 2022").

The aforementioned list of 2022 public holidays in Ghana does not contain estimated dates for the 2 Muslim public holidays of Ghana (2021-07-15, 2021-05-07, 2020-07-25, 2020-05-20, 2019-05-31, 2019-08-08, 2018-06-14, 2017-08-24, 2017-06-19, 2016-09-08, ...).

This omission of the dates of Muslim public holidays has been the case for the past 3 years (2021-01-04, 2020-01-05 and 2019-02-06), contrary to the years before (2017-12-30, 2016-12-30, 2016-01-01, 2015-01-03, 2014-01-02, 2013-01-14 and 2012-01-25).

The Muslim public holidays of Ghana are specified in the nota bene footnote ("There are no fixed dates for the Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha because they are movable feasts. The dates for their observation are provided by the Office of the Chief Imam in the course of the year.").

The list of official non-working public holidays in Ghana for the year 2022 confirms the late 2018, early 2019, discussions (2019-12-28, 2019-05-08, 2018-12-28, 2018-12-14, 2017-09-18) leading to changes to the Founder's Day public holiday (2014-09-19, 2013-09-20, 2013-02-20, 2012-09-19, 2011-09-19, 2010-09-20, 2009-09-03, and 2009-02-20).

The aforementioned list also includes a list of Commemorative Day; African Union Day and Republic Day with the note that "Commémorative Days would not to be observed as public holidays".

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