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Nepal Reverses 2-Day Weekends

Source: Nepalese Ministry of Home Affairs (Kathmandu)
Posted: Monday, June 6, 2022

The Nepalese Health Minister, Birodh Khatiwada, has announced that, at today's cabinet meeting, the government of Nepal revoked its recent decision to extend Nepalese weekends to 2 day ("a Cabinet meeting on Monday decided to roll back on the decision to give public holiday on Sunday effective from June 15").

The aforementioned announcement by Minister Khatiwada had been expected since a week after the implementation of the current 2-day weekend in Nepal (2022-04-27), when the Nepalese Secretary at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Suresh Adhikari, stated that the government of Nepal was about to review its decision to go for a two-day weekend, after it received complaints that it was unworkable (2022-05-22).

Nepal had observed a one-day weekend on Saturdays, for decades, apart for a brief interval in 2000-2001, when a two-day weekend was tried (2001-01-13).

The idea of a two-day weekend in Nepal resurfaced a decade ago (2009-07-25 and 2009-02-05), and more recently at the end of 2020, when a committee of the Nepalese Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, recommended to the government that it implement a two-day weekly holiday for employees.

Last March, the Nepal Oil Corporation proposed to the Nepalese Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies that Nepalese weekends be extended to Saturday-Sunday, to reduce fuel consumption (2022-03-29), and this suggestion was discussed at the April 7 Council of Ministers meeting (2022-04-16).

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