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Taiwan 2023 Public Holidays Released

Source: Taiwan Central Personnel Administration (Taipei)
Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The General Administration of Personnel and Administration of Taiwan's Executive Yuan has released its official annual calendar of official non-working public holidays in Taiwan for the upcoming calendar year 2023, in accordance with the "Implementation Measures for Memorial Days and Holidays" regulations (紀念日及節日實施辦法).

Regulations adopted in March 2013, obligate the Directorate General of Personnel Administration to make public the national holiday calendar for following year before June 1st of the previous year (2013-05-31).

For the past 3 years (2021-05-31, 2020-05-28 and 2019-05-01), the announcement of the upcoming year's public holidays met that deadline, but the deadline was missed by a week for 2023 public holidays, as has often happened (2017-06-06, 2015-10-15 and 2014-06-12).

In 2023, the Taiwanese Lunar New Year public holidays will last for 10 days and run from Friday, January 20, until Sunday, January 29, 2023, inclusively.

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