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Q++Studio Release Notes 2008

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This topic contains the release notes that document the new features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in the various releases of Q++Studio in 2008.


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.



December 31, 2008 (build 12328)


New and Improved


Added public holidays for Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands to the Q++Studio Worldwide Public Holidays Database.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug whereby the hard-coded version number identifier inserted when using Xpress Tags in the result of a macro would not be converted to the proper version number Xpress Tag version number (LeuchtTurm 1917, 11-dec-2008).

Fixed a bug which would sometimes halt diary generation if the deprecated Add extra pages at the back diary generation option is selected (Rhein, 10-dec-2008).



November 30, 2008 (build 12327)


New and Improved


Improved the user interface of the Scripts Explorer to make it more intuitive how to open a script or how to close the dialog.
Improved the user interface of the Saras Editor so that what happened when no text to change was selected would be more intuitive.

When cloning holidays sets (just the set, not the contents) the parent folder is now re-selected automatically, allowing one to clone many holidays sets consecutively (as could be done when copying the set and contents).

The Worldwide Public Holidays Database now lists all the public holidays for all 23 Swiss Cantons.

For India, it would have been neigh impossible to list all 28 states and 7 Union territories, and it would not have made sense as some holidays come and go from one year to the next. But the Worldwide Public Holidays Database now lists all the regional holidays for the 9 major states/territories (AP DL GJ KA MH RJ TN UP WB) which together contain all the major cities and business centers of India (in decreasing population order: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Pune, Surat, Kanpur, Jaipur, Lucknow, Nagpur).

Added a new Muslim calendar type, Indo-Pakistani, which generates improved estimates of Muslim calendar dates as predicted by the governments of India and Pakistan.


Fixed and Corrected


(Unicode) Fixed a bug in popup menu of the script editor which would prevent to correct copying of the related QuarkXPress file (28-nov-2008).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug in the macro function getHolObservanceFromTable which would always return a blank, indicating that all holidays were fully nationwide. (Time/System, 22-nov-2008).

Fixed a bug in the Import Macros dialog which would not let you import a macro text file if your Windows folder options were set to hide known file extensions (Time/System, 21-nov-2008).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug in the Scripts Explorer which would miss some properties' values when copying a script.  Also fixed a minor UI bug that prevented the scripts Folders' TreeView from visually indicating the target node when a Script is dragged over it. (Mark's, 14-nov-2008).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug in the the user interface of the Saras Editor that prevented selected colors from being saved, so that the results was as if the color white had been selected instead. (Mark's, 13-nov-2008).

(Unicode) Fixed a user interface bug that prevented using the data pump to batch copy saints and namedays (Time/System, 8-nov-2008).

(Unicode) Fixed a user interface bug in the Holidays Manager which did not save to the database the result of moving a holidays set or folder from one location to another in the treeview of holidays sets (Time/System, 6-nov-2008).

Fixed a bug whereby the value of the Trim Blank Pages set in the Execution Options dialog would not be saved (4-nov-2008).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug in the macros compiler that would mishandle hard-coded strings (ie. string  that appear as such in the macro source code) that contained Unicode characters (LaNuovalito, 3-nov-2008).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug that would cause messages related to holidays generation (such as missing  moon data sources) not to be updated on computers other than the one that generated holidays the last time.



October 31, 2008 (build 12292)


New and Improved


(Unicode) It is now possible to update Q++Studio on one workstation while other users are running Q++Studio on other workstations.

(Unicode) Added a new Capitalization Option to the languages, to handle the special capitalization of Turkish regarding dot-less and dotted "i" letters.

The run-time messages now only appear once only in the Messages Window. This allows you to better identify the potential problems and decide whether to abort diary generation or not, while still having the full details of each individual message (with object ID and page number in the List Messages dialog at the end.

Improved the detection of various tokens contained in GenTokens Options. In particular, multiple indices macro tokens are now properly detected.


Fixed and Corrected


(Unicode) Fixed a bug that would cause only part of the nightly backup to be uploaded to the Alter  Ego servers for safe storage (LaNuovalito, 21-oct-2008).

Fixed a bug in the Q++Studio interface to QuarkXPress 8 which would make the Unlink and Relink option be ignored entirely, when using QuarkXPress 8 (19-oct-2008).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug that would shave off the last character of the string properties Quark Filename and Output Filename (Brepols, 13-oct-2008)

(Unicode) Fixed a bug that would save the wrong Moon phases symbol character in the Moon and Sun Options dialog (Time/System, 4-oct-2008).



September 30, 2008 (build 12265)


New and Improved


Data-only contributors now have access to Macros.

Improved the prediction of Muslim calendar dates for Libya and Nigeria, and of Buddhist public holidays in Myanmar (formerly Burma).


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a user interface bug in the dialog used to specify exceptions to the rules of a recurring holiday. An error message would be displayed if you clicked in the blank part of the list of exception dates or years.

Fixed a QuarkXPress 6 specific bug that would save the output file in QuarkXPress 5 format if the option Use Main Grid as Seed Template was used and the main grid was a QuarkXPress 5 file originally. (Simancas, 16-sep-2008).



August 31, 2008 (build 12251)


New and Improved


QuarkXPress 8 support is now full.


Fixed and Corrected


(Unicode) Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to copy holidays rules from one holidays set to another  from within the Holidays Manager, though the use of the Data Pump was still possible. (Mark's, 11-aug-2008).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug that would generate a spurious message that a plain Quark File had been modified since it was last inspected (Tai Shing, 7-aug-2008).



July 31, 2008 (build 12246)


New and Improved


Exporting holidays to Excel now takes into account holiday names variations.

The entire worldwide public holidays database has been reviewed,as it is every year, in addition to the constant monitoring that we do to identify changes during the year.

Added a module to calculate dates according to the Tibetan calendar, which allows for a precise prediction of the Tsagaan Sar (White Moon, or Mongolian New Year) public holiday in Mongolia.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug that would prevent the releasing of a scanned template lock file, if a user name was more than 6 characters long (should never happen ... in principle).

Fixed a bug which would lead to an infinite loop in QuarkXPress when trying to resize a textbox that is placed at an angle that is not 0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees, with the BOXFIT token (Grandluxe, 4-july-2008).



June 30, 2008 (build 12241)


New and Improved


Q++Studio (both ANSI and Unicode versions) is now compatible with QuarkXPress version 8 (which will be available to the general public on August 1st, 2008).

Tested with version 7 of the ArabicXT Xtension. This Xtension, from Layout Software, allows you to type Arabic text into the Passport version of QuarkXPress.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the calculation of the beginning of the Muslim months in Egypt, which would surface when the Moon was revolving at its slowest angular speed (ie. at maximum distance from the Earth) at the same time as the New Moon would occur. This only impacted the date of the 2011 Eid al Fitr public holiday in Egypt (Filofax, 10-june-2008).

(Unicode) The nightly backup manager was creating duplicate backup copies. This is now fixed.

(Unicode) The What's New? window (displaying information of this topic) was not appearing, the first time that Q++Studio was launched after an update. This is now fixed.

(Unicode) Added code to workaround a Windows XP bug that, in some cases sent the wrong Japanese characters when using Windows' standard Japanese IME text-entry editor (Mark's, 30-may-2008).



May 31, 2008 (build 12221)


New and Improved


(Unicode) The automated Unicode backup program now also looks for QuarkXPress templates to backup in the QppShare folder used by the ANSI version of Q++Studio. This is important for users who migrated from the ANSI to the Unicode version of Q++Studio, and gets rid of the now spurious message 175180.

Added an option to show all Japanese Rokuyo days, as well as the more common 3 days only.

It is now possible to specify additional Xtensions that are to be loaded with the Q++Studio internal version of QuarkXPress.

(Unicode) Q++Studio now alerts you if you are using a GridTemplate scanned with the non-Unicode version of Q++Studio. This only affects users who used the non-Unicode version of Q++Studio with QuarkXPress version 7 or 8, before moving over to the Unicode version of Q++Studio.

(Unicode) The Nexus Database Server is now launched automatically, at startup, if it is not running yet.

Added holiday name filter token modifiers which now make it possible to add a modifier to holidays tokens to specify that only certain parts of the holiday name should be used. This is useful, for example, if the name of a holiday includes its translation into many different languages.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a minor user interface bug whereby the name of some user-defined colors would be displayed as Red, Green or Blue, if you had deleted red green or blue from the default list of colors of your QuarkXPress system. (Mark's, 30-may-2008).

Fixed a bug in the Script Preview that would occur if more than 36 signatures were defined, and increased the maximum number of signatures to 72. (RUHO, 29-may-2008).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug in the updater whereby the desktop shortcut created to launch Q++Studio was not pointing to the correct starting folder.

(Unicode) Fixed a bug, introduced in the April 25 update, which no longer imported scanned templates using  QuarkXPress versions 7 and 8 as Unicode. The effect of this bug was limited to the few tokens with accents, such as [â] and [fâ] which were not recognized as such anymore. After installing this update, you will need to rescan any template that shows this problem. (Tai Shing, 24-may-2008).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug which generated an error message when trying to open the times of the day property editor (Tai Shing, 15-may-2008).

Fixed a bug whereby an error in the call to a macro function would generate an error message that referred to the wrong line of code (trying to create a StringList that already exists).

Fixed a bug whereby the user interface of the Moon and Sun Options dialog would not let users specify "no symbol" to represent any of the Moon phases. A blank space was always inserted if no symbol was specified. (Letts, 12-may-2008).

Fixed a bug whereby odd date values would be used if none of the tokens anywhere in a GridTemplate had any DayValue (Ultra-Litho, 12-may-2008).

Unicode) Fixed a bug in the Unicode version of the macros compiler, which appeared if some of the quoted text in the macro contained parentheses or any kind of braces or brackets.

Fixed a user interface glitch in the Holidays Manager, whereby it was possible to modify a holiday name and abbreviation, even if the holiday was not in edit mode.

(Unicode) Fixed a user interface glitch in the Holidays Manager, whereby individual holidays would be displayed using the default Arial Unicode MS font, which is fine for most cases, but not when the holidays use a specific font (such as the ones previously used to display Unicode languages using Ansi fonts).



April 30, 2008 (build 12157)


New and Improved


A new minicalendar option, $$=@ format, allows you to specify that, for one-line minicalendars, the day names should used the same formatting as the day numbers.


(Unicode) The installation programs for the Unicode version of Q++Studio are now available.


Public holidays based on the Vietnamese calendar can now be programmed into Q++Studio.


To speedup scanning and generating, Q++Studio now automatically disables unnecessary Xtensions of the internal version of QuarkXPress used to scan and generate.


Improved the speed of scanning by about 30-40% depending on the grids being scanned.


Improved most token processing messages so that if the token in question is the result of the conversion of another token (for example GenTokens and MonthHeaders) then the error message mentions both the token that caused the message, and the original token from which it came.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a minor bug whereby synchronizing the internal QuarkXPress, version 7, could cause an older version of the Q++Studio xtension to be restored (Mark's and Edica).


(Unicode) Fixed a minor user interface bug in the Macros Debugger, whereby the keywords of the current line being debugged would appear with a white background, making them hard to read.


(Unicode) Fixed a bug whereby new scripts would be saved in the wrong folder (Tai Shing, 14-apr-2008).


Fixed a very minor user interface bug whereby the number of the page currently being scanned would be incorrect (Simancas, 31-mar-2008).



March 31, 2008 (build 12107)


New and Improved


Added a new function to scan your computer and locate all the versions of QuarkXPress that are installed.


Q++Studio now identifies the minor version of QuarkXPress that you are using, and alerts you if you are using one of the minor versions (such as 4.04, 5.00, 6.1 or 7.3) that does not contain the necessary bug-fixes to generate all types of diaries properly.


(Unicode) It is now possible to rename and delete scripts Folders.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug whereby importing Slogans from a QuarkXPress document would not work under QuarkXPress 6 and above (Simancas, 31-mar-2008).


Improved the color-matching code so that localized color names (eg. Svart, for Black, in Swedish) is still recognized as the K color of CMYK (Burde, 21-mar-2008).


(Unicode) Fixed a bug whereby the most recently used scripts Folder would not be pre-selected when opening the Scripts Explorer.


(Unicode) Fixed a bug whereby the entries in most of the TreeViews, in the various data managers as well as in the Scripts Explorer, were not sorted. (Tai Shing, 4-mar-2008).



February 29, 2008 (build 12060)


New and Improved


The Unicode version of Q++Studio is now feature-ready and has been tested in production with success since last December. All the server modules have been updated, as have the worldwide public holidays and software updater programs. Additional beta testers are being considered, starting in May. Please contact us if you are interested.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug whereby objects on the left page of a template (or single-page templates) would be truncated in width under QuarkXPress versions 6 and 7. (X-paper and Ambar, 18-feb-2008)


Fixed a bug whereby deleting grouped textboxes with anchored boxes could cause QuarkXPress to crash. (Mark's, 22-feb-2008)


Fixed a bug whereby the dates contained in the current spread would incorrectly include the first day of the grid, if the facing page was from another document, such as an inserted page. (Letts, 7-feb-2008)


Fixed a bug whereby Quark Files would be sent to QuarkXPress, even when using QuarkXPress versions 6 and 7. (LaNuovalito, 6-feb-2008)


Fixed a bug whereby the attributes superior and superscript were interchanged in SARAs and Macro Results. (Paperblanks, 6-feb-2008).



January 31, 2008 (build 11998)


New and Improved


The instructions that are exchanged between the Q++Studio UI and QuarkXPress are now contained in a single file, instead of hundreds or even thousands of individual files previously. This will speed up the clean-up steps performed after scanning and diary generation.


Fixed and Corrected


(Unicode version only) Finally fixed a rare bug that occurred in tokens whose replacement involved recursive access to different aeiou-holidays lists. (Tai Shing, 5-dec-2007)


Fixed an erroneous, but harmless warning that occurred when a textbox containing an anchored textbox was deleted, and Q++Studio subsequently tried to access that anchored box. (Mark's, 28-jan-2008)


Fixed a bug in the user interface of the Sara Editor for global Saras. (Burde, 21-jan-2008)


Fixed a bug whereby the [SE#] season number token would not be recognized if the "show everyday" option was set. (EDICA, 11-jan-2008).


Other Years


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.


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