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Could not apply format, markers missing

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This run-time message occurs if, at one point during the p-Code generation stage of diary generation, some text was marked to be later modified (usually replacing some characters by the appropriate Moon phase symbol or holidays symbol), but the text is no longer there to be processed when all these replacements are later attempted.


This warning usually comes due to some text being filtered-out due to the following options:


Using the Use Filter Below or No Duplicates filter options of holiday symbols options of the holidays (display) properties.

Using the Combine Multi-Day Holidays options in the text/token surrounding holiday name options of the holidays (multiple) property.

Using the macro function FormatText and then modifying the text returned from that function.


In the 2 first cases, above, you can usually ignore the warning, if the output looks OK.


However, in the third case, above, the result will most likely not be what you are looking for and your macro should be fixed.