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Could not find token: special

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This diary generation message occurs if QuarkXPress or InDesign cannot find the text to be replaced that Q++Studio has instructed it to replace.


If you get a message which begins with "Could not find token …" followed by weird text such as "**RICH**", "**TEXT**""**MOON**", "**PHASE**", "EeEeE", "**AUTO**", "**STICKER**", this message comes from the fact that when evaluating recursive tokens with different fonts (such as Holidays Symbols or Moon Phases), Q++Studio puts markers for each token to be replaced. But sometimes when recursion is deep enough, the token to which this marker applies has already been replaced before the marker is found, hence this message.


Most of the time this message will be justified, and in that case you should turn on the script's multi-pass generation option to force Q++Studio to evaluate each textbox in as many passes as it takes to convert all text.

Another possible cause for this message, is the use of the macro function EvalToken applied to tokens that include a symbol font change, such as Moon phases tokens and holidays symbols tokens. In such cases, if you are not interested in the full result (ie. you just want to know if there is a Moon phase or not, and do not need to apply the font change), then you should replace calls to the macro function EvalToken with the function PeekTokenValue.


Generally, if your output looks fine when you view it in QuarkXPress or InDesign, then you can ignore the message.


Some cases where this message may be ignored:


If any of your GridTemplates contain linked boxes and you have not rescanned these using build 9898 or later of Q++Studio. Rescanning all the grids used in your script will remove this spurious message.

If you are using a filter in the holidays display options to filter out multiple occurrences of the same holidays symbol, then this message will be generated once for each holidays symbol filtered out.


See also: could not find token (general), diary generation options troubleshooting.


Topic 108509, last updated on 03-Apr-2021