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Generation Options

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Property of the script line: Book Format.


The Generation Options property lets you specify the options to use when generating a diary from the current script. Note that, most of the time, you will not need to change any of the default values of these options, and in any case you should specify some default generation options so that each new script that you create uses these options automatically.



A search bar at the top right of the dialog's title bar allows you to search for any of the available options by name or even part of a name.


The options of the Generation Options property dialog are grouped into 5 tabs.


Diary Processing

DTP Options


Misc and Misc2


Note that, just before diary generation begins, you will be presented with the diary generation options dialog which contains all the settings of the present generation options property editor, and lets you change the current script's generation options at the last minute, just for the current run, or as a permanent change to the generation options of the current script.