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The text resulting actions determine which text will replace a given macro token.


Xtags are only available when using QuarkXPress.

Overprint is only available when using InDesign.


Replace token with


Bearing in mind the above restrictions, the text resulting options are:



The macro token is replaced by no text. This is used when you are using the macro to modify a textbox (change shade, delete, ...) without inserting any text.


The macro token is replaced by the value of sResult obtained from evaluating the selected macro. This is the default setting.

Text Below

If you select this option you can include tokens and special character markers. For example you may wish the token to be replaced by the weekday name in capitals; you would then set the text below to '[DDDD]'.


You can also use the marker <sResult> (including the angular brackets <>) to have the value of sResult inserted in the text you wish to display. For example, using '<sResult>*' and a macro which checks if there is an a-Holiday would replace each token by its value, such as 1 to 31, with an * to the right.


Lets you specify that the macro tokens of the current index should be replaced by Xpress Tags. This is extremely powerful as you can select text with all the desired formatting (including rules above/below, space after, ...) as token replacement. The use of Xtags is discussed in more detail in the examples topics.


You can also choose to have the text chosen replace the Token Only (the most common case), or All Text in Box.


Warning about using All Text In Box


To understand what happens when you use the All Text in Box setting, consider what a user of QuarkXPress or InDesign would do manually to mimic that setting: double-click on the token to select it, then press CTRL+A to select the text of the entire box, and finally type in the new text.


While this option is often used in other Text Actions settings, in the case of text, there is always a risk that the typed-over text will pick-up the attributes of the wrong portion of the textbox's text (this is not an issue with the other All Text in Box settings which merely add an additional attribute, rather than cutting out text as is the case here).


For an example of its use, see replacing the token text.


See also: text style actions, paragraph actions, box actions, styles actions, , and nResult actions.


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