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Data Preferences

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The Data Preferences page of the preferences dialog lets you set the default values that will be used in the various data managers:


Name of Holiday

This is the default name that will appear when creating a new recurring holiday. If you often have holidays sets which only show a plain text (such as Holiday) followed by abbreviations or symbols, then it makes sense to set this default value to the one you use the most often (ie. Holiday, in the above example).

Symbol Font

If you almost always use the same special font for holidays symbols, you should set this option to that font, so that any newly created holidays set will use this font by default for its symbol font property.

Holidays Generation

Use these settings to specify the default range of years that are proposed to you when generating holidays. We usually suggest a range from Y-1 to Y+4, where Y is the year of today. But you may wish to increase that range if you have many multiple year diaries.

Name of "Registration"

in non-English language

Use this property to tell Q++Studio what the name of the color Registration is in the language that you use to display QuarkXPress. This is useful to allow Q++Studio to filter out this color from the list of colors presented to you in various dialogs. This property only applies if some of the grids you scan are created in a version of QuarkXPress that is set to another display language than English.

Holidays Generation

Specifies the range of years of holidays to be generated by default.

Default Excel File Format

Not yet implemented.

Open PDF Files with

This option lets you specify which program to use to open PDF files.


This is useful/needed, when using Windows 10, as it keeps on resetting the PDF file extension to be opened in the Microsoft Edge Web browser, and trying to set it to open PDFs in Acrobat is futile.


With this option, you can control which software is used to open PDF files from within Q++Studio, at least.


See also: other preferences and searching preferences.


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